Louise sweater for mini and midi

When I saw the Louise sweater from Misusu I fell in love right away and wanted to test the pattern, but unfortunately I did not have time at that moment. So I had to wait until it was released. Then I bought it right away. But this is how it always goes with new patterns with me. I plan to sew them right away, but then either a new pattern is released that I again buy or a pattern test gets in the way and the pattern moves down the list. It took me a couple of months before I sewed the Louise sweater.

Because I love the pattern so much I decided to sew one for our youngest and one for our eldest. Twinning with the girls!

I really like the Louise sweater, it is such a different pattern than anything I have seen so far. I love the high-low hem, the fact that you can combine different types of fabric (jersey with woven), the kangaroo pocket in the front, and the pleat that makes the back look great. I really feel that the patterns by Misusu are unique. I have a couple more patterns from Misusu that are on my list to sew. Let’s see how quickly I will sew them up. The only disadvantage of these patterns is that they do not fit the requirements of our eldest daughter. It is not a dress that can twirl, so let’s see if I can convince her.

I sewed both sweaters with sweat fabric, so they can wear it during winter. Most of the fabric I had in my own stash, although just a tiny piece, the cuffs and lining of the pocket of the sweater for our eldest daughter came from the exchange pile during our sewing weekend. Since I sewed the sweaters during our weekend I went through the pile to find fabric that matched my other fabric.

Fabric: all fabric came from my stash, so a perfect way to decrease my stash!

9 thoughts on “Louise sweater for mini and midi

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  1. Ik vind de voorkant niet te kort, precies goed op de rand van de broek. Onze meiden dragen er altijd iets onder, romper of t-shirt, maar kan me voorstellen dat de wind eronder komt als je een blote buik eronder hebt.


  2. Super leuke sweaters!Die van mijn dochter van tijdens de testperiode zijn helaas al te klein aan het worden (ze is een beetje heel hard gegroeid de afgelopen maanden ;-)) en ze is al aan het zagen voor nieuwe sweaters dus hier valt het patroon ook in de smaak.


  3. Ik vind het echt een leuk patroon. Altijd jammer als de kids zo snel groeien, ik neig soms om alles maar wat langer en groter te maken zodat ze het langer kunnen blijven dragen.


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