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Folded x-mas tree meets Louise dress

I fell in love head over heals the moment I saw the free folded x-mas tree pattern from Misusu. The folding is just so cleverly designed, it looks cool, perfect for holiday sewing and it can be added to any sweater! I added it right away to my to sew list for the holidays (as in, it needed to be done before the holidays).

Next up was choosing the fabrics. I loved her version with the white with dots fabric, so I ordered some white with dots woven fabric. When selecting the other fabrics I chose the black with golden dots and the red French Terry. The black and gold fabric was part of a surprise package once, has little stretch and I had no idea what to make with it. The red brushed French Terry is one I have used many times before (this sweater for me, in this dress for our eldest, these pants for our eldest) which I have on a bolt. The white cotton was just not the best match with the other fabrics. So instead I chose this glitter synthetic fabric, which of course gives the perfect holiday vibe and matches great.

Our youngest has recently grown into this Louise sweater (red one). I love the high low bottom which reminded me to sew one up again. I did not sew the dress yet and with the black and golden fabric with little stretch the Louise sweater is perfect as the back is designed for woven fabrics. I was not a big fan of the black fabric, but I think it is just perfect for the holidays, it feels like there are golden balls on the dress.

The Louise sweater and dress has pocket. I decided to omit the pockets because I felt they would interfere with the x-mas tree. I used pdf-stitcher to stitch the A4 pages together to create a projector file (I really do not use printed patterns anymore. If there is only an A4 pattern available I just create an A0 file with pdf-stitcher). There are 3 different sizes of x-mas trees. The small size is for sizes 80-104, the medium size is for sizes 110-134 and the large size is for sizes 140-164. I tried both the medium and small sizes on the dress but in the end I liked the smallest size the best. I used width 104 with length 122 and the small tree matched the best.

Fabric: the red brushed French Terry comes from Nooteboom textiles, the glitter fabric from the tree was bought at my fabric store in Italy.
Pattern: free folded x-mas tree pattern from Misusu
Sizing: there are 3 sizes of x-mas trees
Options: 3 different sizes of the folded x-mas tree
Difficulty: confident beginner

Items in 2021: 84
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 76 new fabric – used 116 fabric – 57 scrap pieces – 5 gifted fabric) – in total 76 in 116 out
# Patterns in 2021: 10 in – 7 out

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