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Willow (top) and peach (shorts)

Usually I apply for pattern tests for dresses. However, our eldest is wearing more and more pants. So the Willow top from Boo and Lu Patterns* is a perfect addition to her wardrobe. And since I found out she only has a few shorts that still fit her it was time to sew some shorts... Continue Reading →

Another beautiful back: Sandpiper dress

Our girls and me are a huge fan of Boo and Lu patterns*. And they are having a birthday sale, yes, 50% off of all their patterns. In case you need inspiration, here you can see all Boo and Lu Patterns I have sewed. During their birthday sale they also released 4 new patterns. The... Continue Reading →

Edge fold dress

Misusu has released a couple of new patterns just recently. I love the patterns by Misusu because of her geometric lines and clever way of constructing the garment. The Edge fold top and dress by Misusu is again one of those gems that you just need to try. It only has 3 pattern pieces and... Continue Reading →

Opal dress from Boo and Lu Patterns

Yes, another new pattern release from Boo and Lu Patterns*. Our girls really like the dresses from Boo and Lu Patterns, especially those with the illusion of wearing a top over a dress. The opal top and dress again has the illusion of wearing a gathered top over a dress. Great to decide quickly what... Continue Reading →

Magical twirl dresses

These twirl dresses have something magical because some extra pieces of fabric appear when twirling. Our girls love their Twirl Magic dresses from Ellie and Mac Patterns*. I made these dresses already a year ago during my last sewing weekend (the first one is 2 years because of Corona). So I cut them out beforehand... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cicero Vests

The Cicero vest from Sofilantjes* is becoming more and more a favorite vest of mine. It is great for thicker fabrics during winter and I love the colour blocking or just the simple version. Until now I just sewed the colour blocked version of the Cicero. For these Christmas Cicero vests I used the simple version of... Continue Reading →

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