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Free colour block add-on

I love colour blocking. It always looks better with some more colour being added. So a free add-on for a colour block is a great idea. Today I am showing you the free add-on for the Regem and ADVtee from Sofilantjes*. The free add-on gives you the opportunity to add a strip colour block to... Continue Reading →

Regem t-shirt for men

Yes! Sewing for the man is your life. He is definitely the one that I sew for the least, so he and I were very happy that I could test for him. Meet the Regem shirt from Sofilantjes* for the men in our life. The basic Regem shirt, option A, is a quick sew and... Continue Reading →

Schooner Tee

Our girl adores flutter sleeves. I am not sure what I think of it. However, I have the kids schooner tee and dress from Jennuine Design* already on my to sew list for a while. So when I saw the tester call for the adult Schooner tee and dress I jumped in on the occasion.... Continue Reading →

Colour blocking with the shift tee

Every time I am amazed how Elles from Misusu designs a new pattern that is so out-of-the-box and different from what I have seen so far. This is also the case for the new released shift tee! This shift tee is perfect for colour blocking and using up scraps, which is totally in my alley.... Continue Reading →

Neverland tee

I don't often sew t-shirts, although they are quick and an easy sew and the result is always unique. Nevertheless, if I sew t-shirts, I love something with colour blocking. The Neverland Tee from Stitch upon a time* ticks that box, it has a great colour blocking detail. With t-shirts it is always the question... Continue Reading →

Funfetti Donut Top, Tunic & Dress Pattern

There is a new pattern by Candy Castle Patterns and you are going to love this pattern! This is going to be your go to pattern, it includes soooo many options. I sewed three garments during testing, a t-shirt, a peplum top and a high low dress. Meet the Funfetti Donut Top, Tunic & Dress Pattern from Candy... Continue Reading →

Basic raglan for my man

Last weekend I went on a sewing weekend and I try to make something for everybody during such a weekend. For my husband I made another t-shirt. This time I used the Basic Raglan by Made by Runi. It is a great basic pattern that works well and is sewed together very quickly. I let... Continue Reading →

When things do not go as planned

I almost always sew at night when the kids are in bed. Usually this works great, but sometimes I am tired and mistakes creep in on my sewing. This project was just like that, it just did not go as I had planned. I always plan out my fabric choices very carefully, so did I... Continue Reading →

Busan Top by Itch to Stitch

I am not a real fashionista like some seamstresses are. I am more of a follower when it comes to fashion, or maybe a late follower. I usually don't really like all the new things that are 'hot' at the moment. Only after seeing things for a long time (a few years) I am like,... Continue Reading →

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