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Fling hoodie jacket

The best cozy garment that I sewed this year is definitely this fling hoodie jacket from Madeit Patterns that I made in alpenfleece. I mean it is soft, warm, long and so cuddly. The fling hoodie dress just released and the zippered jacket will release later. During testing I sewed up the zippered jacket, which... Continue Reading →

Rib Jacket for me

I knew when I was sewing the Rose hip Jacket for our daughter I wanted one as well. Once I heard about the Miss Rose hip Jacket from Sofiona Designs I started looking for fabric to make my perfect jacket. Since this is the third garment (with this Clover sweater and this Rose hip jacket)... Continue Reading →

Jacket nr 3 for me

I love sewing jackets. It is a bit of a more complicated sew and therefore always give a satisfing feel after finishing it. I have already sewed 2 jackets last year and here is the next one: the Charlie jacket from Jalie. My first jacket was the Frida Jacket from Fibre Mood, the second is the... Continue Reading →

Another jacket: the Billie

What is another jacket in your closet? You cannot have enough of those can you? The Billie is the second jacket that I sewed for myself and I love wearing jackets, so these are just perfect for me. The Billie from Petite Stitchery* is a great pattern as you can both use woven fabrics and... Continue Reading →

Fibre Mood Frida Jacket: my perspective

There is a new Fibre Mood* magazine in town. I sewed the Frida Jacket, a jacket perfect for thicker types of fabric. The jacket is already one of my favourites at the moment, especially with the nice and warm fabric, it feels so cozy. I love the collar of the jacket and the welt pocket. I love welt pockets, the... Continue Reading →

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