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Geometric dress coat

Our girl was wearing this coat during the first warm days of the year, when she told me it was getting too small. At first I said, no it cannot be too small yet you are only wearing it for one year. Then I realised I sewed that coat 2 years ago. Time to sew... Continue Reading →

Cases for pencils or glasses

I love making handmade gifts and cases are just perfect for that. The book Zo geknipt! 2 includes several cases, big and small. Last year I sewed a case for glasses and this year I sewed up the pencil case. Last year I wanted to give a handmade gift to my dad for Father's Day.... Continue Reading →

Last minutes mittens

Yesterday evening at 10 o'clock I decided that our girls could use some new mittens. They have mittens, they still use these (different girls this time) but of course for our eldest we didn't have waterproof mittens in her size. So far during this winter her fleece mittens were warm enough. However, when building a... Continue Reading →

Another winter coat: Blissful Blazer

Right after I made this winter coat for our middle daughter I started with the winter coat for our eldest. I used the Blissful Blazer from Love Notions and made several adjustments to make it warm enough as a winter coat. I used the Blissful Blazer before when sewing the wedding outfit for our eldest.... Continue Reading →

My very first winter coat: Signorina

After sewing this jacket for our eldest and seeing the winter coats that she made, I was inspired to sew winter coats for our two eldest girls. I started off with searching a coat pattern that fulfilled my wishes (and our girls). For our middle one I came across the Signorina by FunkelRosa, a German... Continue Reading →

Softshell SHO! Jacket

Our middle girl was in need of a new coat. I had some fabric left from this softshell coat (also for our middle girl, wasn't she small back then?), but not enough for a whole coat. Plus I like colour blocking and combining fabrics, so I ordered some new softshell fabric to make the Kids Jacket from SHO! The red... Continue Reading →

Snowshoe cuffs as a present

Sofiona Designs always lives up to bringing new exciting patterns, at least that is what I think. Also this time they deliver, they designed a bracelet that is quick and so much fun to sew and great as a present (think Christmas gifts). The best part about it all is that you can get the... Continue Reading →

A softshell Fairtytale coat

A softshell coat for our eldest was already in the planning for half a year. However with pattern tests and other clothing that were more needed, the softshell coat kept on being pushed forward. Then we were going to one of the Frisian Island for a couple of days and the weather forecast wasn't that... Continue Reading →

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