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Raglan meets dolman sweater

I love asymmetrical clothing. It might actually be the reason why I love to sew, to create asymmetrical pieces of clothing. When I see an asymmetrical sewing pattern I just have to buy it. When I saw the Miss Heron sweater from Sofiona Designs with the asymmetrical option, I loved it right away. And even... Continue Reading →

Fling hoodie jacket

The best cozy garment that I sewed this year is definitely this fling hoodie jacket from Madeit Patterns that I made in alpenfleece. I mean it is soft, warm, long and so cuddly. The fling hoodie dress just released and the zippered jacket will release later. During testing I sewed up the zippered jacket, which... Continue Reading →

Stripes all the way

Another new sweater for myself. My wardrobe is growing this year, which is great! And these 2 sweater are going to be favourites! I wore both of them last week and they are perfect for our fall weather. Meet the Miss Birch Sweater from Sofiona Designs. The Miss Birch sweater is a colour blocked "batwing"... Continue Reading →

First sweater for fall weather

The Otium sweater from Sofilantjes* has been on my sewing list for a while because of the diagonal colour blocking. I love colour blocking and even more asymmetrical colour blocking. And with the rain perfect for fall weather. The Otium is a quick sew and has several options: the diagonal colour block, a low back... Continue Reading →

Third Navarro

The Adult Navarro by Stitch Upon A Time* is a very versatile pattern and maybe you didn't recognize all the Navarros that I sewed. I sewed two for our girl and since it is also available for women I sewed one for myself this time. The pattern includes a dress (like I sewed for our... Continue Reading →

Second Star Julia top for me

I already made several Julia sweaters from Compagnie-M. This one and this one for our girl and one for myself. But the last time I sewed one has been several years. I still love the design and we are still wearing our Julia sweaters. I sewed those two for our eldest and our youngest now... Continue Reading →

Colour block hoodie with a twist

With the colder weather I have started sewing sweaters, for our girls and for myself. My husband isn't really into hoodies, but after seeing mine, he was doubting, whether maybe he also wanted one for himself. Let me first show you my sweater. I used the Raglan hoodie with a twist from Made by Runi,... Continue Reading →

Bonfire sweater for women

Today the second Miss pattern (sizes 0-20) by Sofiona Designs is released. The Bonfire hoodie was already released for girls (sizes 2-16) now you can twin with your girl with your own Miss Bonfire sweater. I was one of the lucky testers and am going to show you two sweaters that I sewed during testing.... Continue Reading →

Orono Top by Itch to Stitch

Yay, a new Itch to Stitch pattern. I love patterns by Itch to Stitch*, I think they make up 75% of my wardrobe! Here is the Orono top! What I like about the Itch to Stitch patterns is that I always learn a new technique. This time it is the pocket. You are being guided... Continue Reading →

Eximia sweater x3 and Framalo give-away

Celebration time at Sofilantjes*! You must have seen all the beautiful eximia sweaters that everybody made for this celebration week at Sofilantjes. Look at all the amazing fabric shops that are participating. Today is the giveaway at Framalo who is giving away 1 eximia sweater! Go over to the Facebook page of Framalo to find out what you... Continue Reading →

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