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Bellavista Top – Itch to Stitch

A new pattern by Itch to Stitch, my absolute favourite so far! I have worn my sweater a lot since we tested it in December and I get a lot of compliments about it. So here is the Bellavista Top by Itch to Stitch!

The Bellavista top is a pattern for a sweater or a knit top. It flares out at the bottom that makes the sweater so flattering. You can make the top with a cowl, like I did, or without it with a simple neckband. Another great feature of this pattern is the option to color block. The top has a separate center panel, which you can see in my sweater, which gives you the possibility to color clock the top if you like. Another option is to color block the cowl like I did. 

I bought my fabric at Cares Stoffen. It looks like a knitted sweater, but it is fabric with two layers. A knitted layer and a regular layer of stretch fabric. This makes me love the sweater so much, it is as if I wear a knitted sweater, without actually doing all the knitting! For the cowl I used the wrong side of the fabric which gives the feel as if I am wearing a shawl, however it is part of the sweater. 

The sweater is an easy sew and it just fits perfectly, like all patterns by Itch to Stitch! Keep in mind the thickness of the fabric when you are going to sew the cowl of the sweater. The cowl is double layered which easily gives it a comfy nice cowl even with just thinner fabric.

Fabric: knitted fabric from Cares Stoffen

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