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Regem t-shirt for men

Yes! Sewing for the man is your life. He is definitely the one that I sew for the least, so he and I were very happy that I could test for him. Meet the Regem shirt from Sofilantjes* for the men in our life. The basic Regem shirt, option A, is a quick sew and... Continue Reading →

First swim shorts

With the new collection of Jalie my husband was one of the lucky receivers of his very own swim shorts. The Victor swim shorts (4133) by Jalie are great for swimming but also for casual shorts for the men in your life. The most difficult part of sewing these swim shorts were finding the right... Continue Reading →

Linen Breeze shirt

When I saw this breeze shirt from plus2is5 I knew I had to make it for my husband. During our holiday in Hawaii two years ago we bought a shirt like the breeze shirt and he loves it. So after a year he requested another one. I started looking for a pattern but found it... Continue Reading →

Basic raglan for my man

Last weekend I went on a sewing weekend and I try to make something for everybody during such a weekend. For my husband I made another t-shirt. This time I used the Basic Raglan by Made by Runi. It is a great basic pattern that works well and is sewed together very quickly. I let... Continue Reading →

Billies for the husband

It was already a long time ago that I made something for my husband so he felt a bit neglected. Therefore I decided to sew a couple of items for him during our sewing weekend. I sewed three items for him during that weekend. I started with pyjama pants (which did not make it to... Continue Reading →

The one and only Theo?

Another project for the husband. This time it was a big project, well not necessarily big, but at least a long project. I have seen the Theo by Zonen09 already several times. It is the perfect project for my husband as he often wears shirts, both to work and in his free time. I bought... Continue Reading →

Men’s Roller Coaster Tee

My first post about a men's pattern. Although I have sewed some men's patterns before, I have not blogged about any of them. It was my husband's birthday in May and he feels a bit left behind when it comes to sewing for him. So the perfect gift is a handmade item! I sewed the... Continue Reading →

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