Geometric dress coat

Our girl was wearing this coat during the first warm days of the year, when she told me it was getting too small. At first I said, no it cannot be too small yet you are only wearing it for one year. Then I realised I sewed that coat 2 years ago. Time to sew... Continue Reading →

Another winter coat: Blissful Blazer

Right after I made this winter coat for our middle daughter I started with the winter coat for our eldest. I used the Blissful Blazer from Love Notions and made several adjustments to make it warm enough as a winter coat. I used the Blissful Blazer before when sewing the wedding outfit for our eldest.... Continue Reading →

My very first winter coat: Signorina

After sewing this jacket for our eldest and seeing the winter coats that she made, I was inspired to sew winter coats for our two eldest girls. I started off with searching a coat pattern that fulfilled my wishes (and our girls). For our middle one I came across the Signorina by FunkelRosa, a German... Continue Reading →

Softshell SHO! Jacket

Our middle girl was in need of a new coat. I had some fabric left from this softshell coat (also for our middle girl, wasn't she small back then?), but not enough for a whole coat. Plus I like colour blocking and combining fabrics, so I ordered some new softshell fabric to make the Kids Jacket from SHO! The red... Continue Reading →

A softshell Fairtytale coat

A softshell coat for our eldest was already in the planning for half a year. However with pattern tests and other clothing that were more needed, the softshell coat kept on being pushed forward. Then we were going to one of the Frisian Island for a couple of days and the weather forecast wasn't that... Continue Reading →

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