Big Friendly Hoodie for lounging

In the beginning of December, 5 out of 4 patterns* released the big friendly hoodie, a free pattern (until December 31st 2021) to create a big comfy hoodie. We were about to go to friends one evening and I thought, these hoodies are perfect for the ride back. These friends live about 5 quarters of... Continue Reading →

Winter Bounce dress

Not too long ago the Bounce sweater from The Sewn Edge was released and I sewed one sweater for our middle girl. Just before Christmas a free winter applique (free for members of the Facebook group) was released and I fell right in love with the applique. So I added it to my to sew... Continue Reading →

Another alpenfleece dress

Our middle girl loves soft and warm fabrics, such as alpenfleece. Recently, her favourite outfits are this Foliis dress and this Bounce sweater, because they are so nice and soft on the inside. So I let our two eldest girls pick out some new alpenfleece fabrics. The first alpenfleece dress that I sewed for our... Continue Reading →

Fling hoodie jacket

The best cozy garment that I sewed this year is definitely this fling hoodie jacket from Madeit Patterns that I made in alpenfleece. I mean it is soft, warm, long and so cuddly. The fling hoodie dress just released and the zippered jacket will release later. During testing I sewed up the zippered jacket, which... Continue Reading →

Skruffle and Bounce

I love the different patterns from The Sewn Edge. I have sewed the Float dress and the Skruffle leggings have been on my sewing list for a while. When I saw a call for testers for the Bounce Sweatshirt I jumped (...) on the occasion. Our eldest is not into sweaters too much but our... Continue Reading →

Teddy Cicero in fall colours

I love comfortable warm vests, but our eldest is all about dresses. So I basically sew dresses for her. Last year she did have a favourite vest with a soft cuddly inside, which is now pasted on to her sister. When she saw it again she said she wanted another one of those. That combined... Continue Reading →

Alpenfleece Foliis

I wanted to make a dress with alpenfleece fabric. The Foliis Jacket and dress from Sofilantjes* works great with thicker fabrics and I wanted to try an option that I didn't sew yet. I sewed this dress with the zipper some years ago. Time to sew another, or actually two. For our eldest I sewed... Continue Reading →

A winter Foras dress

Another Christmas dress, this time for our middle one, and another Foras dress*. The previous Foras dress I made was a summer version with short sleeves and a circle skirt. This time I made a winter version of the Foras dress by Sofilantjes with long sleeves and those beautiful long cuffs, I love those. I... Continue Reading →

This year’s Christmas dress: Lillith dress

This year I made new Christmas dresses for the two oldest girls. They are not necessarily Christmas dresses as in typical dresses for Christmas, but they did wear them during Christmas. For the eldest I chose the Lillith dress by Zwergnase - Design. This was the perfect way to round up my digital pattern challenge!... Continue Reading →

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