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I started sewing when our eldest daughter was born in 2013. A good friend of mine, Miranda from inspinration was already hooked to sewing and convinced me to start as well. Well I did and now I am addicted to sewing. I sew for our girls, for my husband (although I should sew more for him) and for myself.

I am a mom of three girls who works at a research university. I taught myself to sew. I also like to knit, crochet or be creative in general. I hope that my creations inspire your creations, just as many other blogs inspire me.

Sew Cucio: cucio means I sew in Italian. I love to sew and we often go to Italy, therefore the italian link to sewing. Since my parents own a house in Italy and my mom sews as well we recently also have a sewing machine and lock machine which I can use during our holidays. We also found a Italian store with fabric, so even in Italy I can sew and I don’t need to miss it too long. Lucky me!

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