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Birthday dress in velvet

It is our tradition that I sew a birthday dress for our girls. With our eldest I consult with her about the fabrics and pattern that I have in mind. And usually she picks out something a bit different from what I had in mind. This year we agreed on the Raven tunic and dress... Continue Reading →

Another dancing leotard

This leotard was a favorite and our middle daughter now wears it. Time to make a new one for our eldest. I was inspired by this velvet outfit so I thought lets sew a velvet leotard. The stretch velvet that I had left from the velvet outfit was not suitable for the leotard as it... Continue Reading →

Swirl around leggings

Recently I was doing some shopping in an online store and saw sports leggings with stretch velvet in them. I loved the idea and thought, I can make that! The swirl around leggings from Made by Runi were on my list to sew since the release, both for one of our girls and for myself.... Continue Reading →

Velvet Sofiona outfit

This month I was inspired to create an outfit in velvet. I must admit, velvet isn't really something that I often use. Last year when I created this sweater in stretch velvet it started to grow on me and I knew our girl would love a velvet outfit. It took some time to find the... Continue Reading →

Flurry Sweater

I love special details on patterns. These cute details make me learn new skills and I love interesting details on clothing. I fell for the drawstring sleeves in the new Girl's Flurry Sweater by Petite Stitchery*. You can go all the way with the pattern. In addition to the drawstring sleeve, it also has the... Continue Reading →

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