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Nini noni nightwear nightgown

Our girls love dresses, day and night. So when I saw the tester call from Designs by Call Ajaire* I knew it would be a hit in our house. And indeed our middle daughter loves her Nini noni Nightgown. And the perfect thing about these nightgowns is that they last for a long time. This... Continue Reading →

Comfy footie pajama pants

Our girls love to wear lounge pants, especially during the weekend when they do not have to get dressed. Especially now that we are not having too much to do during the weekend, they can wear lounge pants all day long. When they saw their new Footie sprite pajama pants from Stitch upon a time*... Continue Reading →

Glow in the dark twinning pjs

Our girls love pjs and of course nightgowns are the best. I have already sewed several nightgowns, this one with long sleeves and a ruffle at the bottom, this sleeveless one and another long sleeved one. This time I used a free pattern the Grow with me Pajamas by Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns*. I thought glow in... Continue Reading →

A dress for the night: Nora Kate Nightgown

Our girl loves nightgowns and was is need of new pjs. The Nora Kate Nightgown* by Annelaine Patterns is just perfect for the occasion, especially with the winter season coming up. I love patterns that have many options. Annelaine Patterns have many options, which means you can use the pattern several times and make a different option every... Continue Reading →

Starry Night PJs by Sofiona Designs

Our girl loves dresses. She wants to wear dresses all time, which means day and night! Nightgowns are thus a must! Sofiona Designs released besides the Railway Joggers and two other patterns also the Starry Night PJs. Although we are moving into winter season I loved the design of this pattern and wanted to test the... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreams Nightgown

Our girl is a dress kind a girl, not only during the day, but also at night. Imagine, when you are dreaming, you want to wear a dress and not pants right?! So when I saw a pattern test for a nightgown I jumped on the tester call so I could make a nightgown for... Continue Reading →

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