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Three times Funky Factory Friends soft toys

I love sewing soft toys and have already sewed several for our girls. Luckily our girls love the home sewed soft toys. What I haven't shown yet are the birth soft toys that I have sewed the last years for the birth of each of our girls. For some reason these never ended up on... Continue Reading →

Mouse softie – One Thimble

I love sewing soft toys, or softies, and I already made quite a few. Although not all of them made it to the blog yet. I definitely need to make time to post them. For One Thimble issue 27*, I got to sew the Mice and Meese softies designed by The Crafting Fiend. I picked... Continue Reading →

Our family in mini pals

A couple of years ago I made two mini pals for our two daugthers, one for our eldest and one for our middle daughter. After that my dad requested another one for himself (the one with the glasses). So I made one for him. And recently our daughters said that our youngest daughter didn't have... Continue Reading →

A festive outfit for the doll

Besides all the awesome patterns for girls, boys, women and men Made by Runi also has patterns for dolls. Our girls love dolls, especially our second daughter and our youngest love to play with dolls. So sewing an outfit for our dolls was already on my list for a long time and now I finally... Continue Reading →

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