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Willow (top) and peach (shorts)

Usually I apply for pattern tests for dresses. However, our eldest is wearing more and more pants. So the Willow top from Boo and Lu Patterns* is a perfect addition to her wardrobe. And since I found out she only has a few shorts that still fit her it was time to sew some shorts... Continue Reading →

Morgana Zip-up dress

Sometimes I am really surprised with what our eldest likes. When I saw the Morgana Zip-up dress by Designs by Call Ajaire (now available in the Project run + Play store) I thought it would be a great dress. When I was picking out fabrics I could not really find a fabric that I thought... Continue Reading →

V from Volare sweater

I sewed some new sweaters for myself perfect for cooler spring or fall weather. I used the new release from Sofilantjes* the Volare Sweater. I love the V shape colour block in the sweater. I really like the design of the sweater but sewing 12 V's wasn't my favorite activity. I have tried several ways... Continue Reading →

Vivax dress for women

Luckily our daughter wasn't the only one who received a new Vivax dress. It is finally time for an Adult Vivax top and dress from Sofilantjes*. I sewed up three Vivax dresses for myself all with the cowl add on. I am a big fan and wore all of them since I sewed them. I... Continue Reading →

Free cowl add on for vivax dress

Already 5 years ago the vivax dress was released. I tested the Vivax dress back then for our eldest. At the moment our youngest is wearing my first Vivax. And now there is a free cowl add on for the kid's Vivax top and dress from Sofilantjes*, so I sewed another Vivax. This time I... Continue Reading →

Long miss polar sweater dress

I love our eldest polar sweater/dress so much that I wanted one for myself as well. Although I don't wear long dresses that often I just love the high/low effect of the Miss polar sweater/dress. So I also sewed the full length (calf length) dress for myself. The Miss polar dress is just so comfortable.... Continue Reading →

Girl’s polar sweater dress

A new sweater dress! I love sweater dresses! So when I heard about the new sweater dress pattern from Sofiona Designs I was interested. Then I saw the girl's Polar Sweater/Dress and I fell in love right away with the shorter front and longer back. Our eldest also loved it right away and of course... Continue Reading →

Daisy dress

Usually when I buy fabric I don't buy it with a project in mind. This was the same when I picked out this minerva exclusive Dancing Lights Loop Back French Terry fabric. I did not have a specific project in mind. However when I received the project I felt it should become a top. This... Continue Reading →

December fest: origami dress with hood

Misusu is definitely a pattern designer that always makes me want to sew her patterns. I have added a couple more these week. I have sewed a lot of different Misusu Patterns but the Origami sweater wasn't one of them. Probably because I didn't know it included a dress length. All Misusu patterns are now... Continue Reading →

Cube cardigan from Misusu

A new pattern from Misusu is always a party right? I have sewed many of her patterns and I love each and every one of them. So when I saw a new pattern call I of course applied. I was one of the lucky testers and I sewed two Cube Cardigans from Misusu. The cube... Continue Reading →

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