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Baby cuddling with the skin to skin top

Our baby girl likes to be cuddled and likes to be close to mommy during the evenings. This means that usually she is wrapped around me in a baby carrier. Then I saw a tester call for the skin to skin top by Eldenberry Blossoms. I was very¬†intrigued to see how that would work so... Continue Reading →

Nivalis Nursing Hack Tutorial

I love to sew clothing that are nursing friendly now that our baby girl is born. Or even hack patterns so that they become nursing friendly. Today I am showing you how to hack the Nivalis dress for Women by Sofilantjes* to make it nursing friendly. I also wrote the tutorial in Dutch so see... Continue Reading →

Zip it!

What makes this t-shirt so special you might wonder? Well it is obvious where the zipper is, isn't it? Or maybe not. Well this is a nursing shirt! My very first nursing shirt. Well actually that is not true, I made this shirt and dress and this top which are also nursing friendly. But because... Continue Reading →

Spoxxy 2.0: maternity top!

Spoxxy 2.0. For those who know the Spoxxy top have been waiting for 2.0 since it has been retired. I loved the Spoxxy top by Stitch upon a time* and it has been on my sewing list for a long time already. I was planning on sewing a maternity top, which I could take with... Continue Reading →

Challenging maternity sewing: Amber top

My first maternity project!¬†During my previous pregnancies I was already sewing but since I did not sew too much for myself I also did not sew any maternity clothing. This time I decided to buy a couple of maternity patterns so that I would be able to create various sets of clothing. The first pattern... Continue Reading →

Brasov Wrap Top by Itch to Stitch

I love the patterns by Itch to Stitch because the patterns are those staple patterns you just need in your wardrobe and because the fit of the patterns is spot on! I was very happy when I was selected to be a tester for the Brasov Wrap Top*. The Brasov wrap top is a really... Continue Reading →

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