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Vivax dress for women

Luckily our daughter wasn't the only one who received a new Vivax dress. It is finally time for an Adult Vivax top and dress from Sofilantjes*. I sewed up three Vivax dresses for myself all with the cowl add on. I am a big fan and wore all of them since I sewed them. I... Continue Reading →

Long miss polar sweater dress

I love our eldest polar sweater/dress so much that I wanted one for myself as well. Although I don't wear long dresses that often I just love the high/low effect of the Miss polar sweater/dress. So I also sewed the full length (calf length) dress for myself. The Miss polar dress is just so comfortable.... Continue Reading →

Papavero asymmetrical dress

Some time ago I received this beautiful Minerva Exclusive viscose challis fabric from Minerva. I fell in love with the print the moment I saw it. Those colors, such a bright and happy print. I just wanted it right away. I was very happy that I was one of the lucky ones to receive the... Continue Reading →

Linen summer dress with pleats

Just before my holiday I sewed up this Miss Haze top and dress from Sofiona Designs. It is just such a lovely summer dress, flowy, light and with beautiful details. It is not a quick sew but I learned a lot during this test. First I will show you the dress with pleats at the... Continue Reading →

Another colour blocked dress

I love colour blocking in my clothing just as much as I do for our girls' clothing. Made by Runi has some great colour blocking patterns. I already sewed this dress and this sweater for myself, which have some great colour blocking. My new dress is the 50/50 dress from Made by Runi, which also... Continue Reading →

Birthday Lykka dress for myself

My birthday was a couple weeks back, just before Christmas. I sewed this dress so I had something new to wear on my birthday. It is great to sew something for a special day, don't you think? I loved the result of the kids Lykka so of course I also had to sew one for... Continue Reading →

Junior Miss Dandelion – a pink dress for me!

Testing for myself is something I really like because my wardrobe grows with handmade items, which always fit much better than store bought clothing, and I often get challenged during testing. Sometimes with new techniques, sometimes with clothing that are outside of my comfort zone, but turn out awesome in the end, sometimes also with... Continue Reading →

Hourglass dress

Looking for a flattering knit dress? The Hourglass dress from Made by Runi is just that. The hourglass shape in the dress accentuates your curves and gives the look of a slim waist. The hourglass dress is quite a quick sew I would say. Although it took me almost 4 hours because I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Women’s Aureum racerback dress

I love racerback tank tops, that is what I live in when the weather permits it. Sofilantjes* now has the perfect pattern for that the Aureum racerback top, tunic and dressĀ (Nederlands). It not only has the standard racerback option, it also includes three more beautiful back options. You just want to try them all! What... Continue Reading →

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