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Dia love with the shuffle collar

Our girls love the Dia sweater and tunic from Misusu. Our youngest was wearing her dia tunic which our eldest loves so she requested a dia just like her little sister. I put it on my sewing list and just after that the shuffle tester call from Misusu was put online so I jumped on... Continue Reading →

Let’s Flex, Switch and Shuffle

Several new patterns from Misusu! Yay! Indeed, you are reading it correctly, three new patterns. The Flex raglan sweater, the Switch crew sweater and the shuffle hoods and collars add-on pack are all here. I sewed all of them and I cannot decide which I like more. First I'll show you the switch crew sweater.... Continue Reading →

Snuggly cactus tunic

I loved the pockets when I saw the snuggly tunic from Made by Runi for the first time. And that is also what our daughter loves about the tunic, the pockets. The pockets make that you want to put your hands in them and snuggle up on the couch. The snuggly tunic is made for... Continue Reading →

Lucky Clover high low top

I love high low dresses and tops on our daughter and so does she. This skirt and this dress are her favourites. When I saw the Lucky Clover I knew our daughter would love it. The longer the top/dress the better and the twirl of the Lucky Clover top and skirt pattern from Ellie and... Continue Reading →

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