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Another dancing leotard

This leotard was a favorite and our middle daughter now wears it. Time to make a new one for our eldest. I was inspired by this velvet outfit so I thought lets sew a velvet leotard. The stretch velvet that I had left from the velvet outfit was not suitable for the leotard as it... Continue Reading →

Dance like a mermaid

Most pattern names by Made by Runi are awesome! Have a look at the┬áDance like a mermaid! It is the pattern of the week this week, which means you can buy it with a discount! Our girls are both in dance class and use ballet dresses every┬ásingle week. Our middle daughter was still wearing the... Continue Reading →

Jalie’s Tessa (ballet dress)

Our eldest girl loves to dance and sing all day long. So a couple of years ago we started with dance lessons. I couldn't find a ballet suit with a short skirt (I am not in any way specific), so I decided to make one myself. Since that was already more than 1,5 years ago... Continue Reading →

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