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Is it a romper or a dress?

Our girl is a die hard ruffle lover, so when I saw the tester call for the Rimini romper I knew right away our eldest would love it. And indeed, our girl feels that the best part of this pattern are the ruffles (which you can also omit if you like). The Rimini romper from... Continue Reading →

Sylva onesie by Sofilantjes

Aren't onesies just the cutest piece of clothing? And they wear them constantly! I love to put our youngest in new, soft, original onesies. Do you remember the Sylva t-shirt by Sofilantjes*? I sewed one more than a year ago. Now there is a Sylva Onesie (Nederlands patroon), with the same neckline! The Sylva is characterised by the v-neck... Continue Reading →

Biker Coverall with snaps

I think almost everybody recognizes the distinct collar of the Biker jacket, sweater and coverall by MW Patterns*. I love that collar! When I had the opportunity to sew the Biker coverall I jumped on that opportunity. I like coveralls, but only for kids when they are small and are not potty trained yet. Once they... Continue Reading →

Baby gift: Grow on romper

A piece of baby clothing that can be worn for 9 months, or 3 years, how amazing does that sound? A new baby was born, which meant sewing a baby gift. Already some time ago I bought the Grow on Romper by Apple Tree Sewing. This pattern intrigued me because you can make it bigger as your baby... Continue Reading →

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