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Another swim pattern: Hurricane

The second swimsuit that I sewed is the Hurricane add-on swimsuit from Boo and Lu Patterns*. You must have seen all the different Boo and Lu dresses with beautiful backs. The Hurricane add-on is the swim add-on to turn the Pepper, Tigerlily, Snapdragon or Sandpiper into a swimsuit. You need to buy/have one of the... Continue Reading →

First swimsuit of the year: Coral

I love sewing swimsuits. The fit is always so much better for self sewed swimwear than store bought swimwear. Especially the coverage on the back is always much better. You can see all the swimwear that I have sewed here. Last year I sewed this bikini and this reversible bikini for our eldest (which she... Continue Reading →

Last Sofiona sew: Minnow swimsuit

It turns out to be a swimsuit season for me sewing wise. I already sewed this swimsuit for our eldest and this is the second swimsuit for her and I have at least 2 more to come for our middle one. Sewing swimsuits is just so satisfying. The fit is so much better than the... Continue Reading →

Reversible bikini: Elowyn meets Fallon

It is swim season and our eldest could use some new swimwear. Although she is still wearing her favourites: the infinity bikini and the sorbetto bikini. She loved the Elowyn sports crop from Petite Stitchery* when she saw it. It became even better when she found out she could pick out two different combinations to... Continue Reading →

Malibu swimsuit

Our girls love swimming and now that swimming season is coming up I love to sew some new swimsuits. Especially, swimsuits that have elements our girls love: flutter sleeves and skirts at their bottoms. The Malibu swimsuit from Bella Sunshine Designs* includes it all, it includes a two piece set (besides the one piece swimsuit),... Continue Reading →

Bikinis for myself

I have been sewing swimwear for a couple of years for our girls already and I have been looking jealously at the swimsuits of our girls. But I never really found a swimsuit that I liked for myself. Until the new patterns of Jalie! The Claudia Bikinis (4136) was added last minute and I liked... Continue Reading →

Sorbetto swimsuit

When our girl saw the tester call of the Sorbetto swimsuit (by Designs by Call Ajaire*) she immediately said she liked it and would like one. She adores the sleeves of the top. She was ok with any of the options, as long as it had the flowy sleeves. I like separate swimsuits (with separate... Continue Reading →

Infinity swimsuit

I immediately fell in love with the infinity leotard from BOO! Designs*. It would be great for a swimsuit or a leotard for dance classes. I decided to first make a swimsuit for our eldest and I wanted to finish it before we went on our holiday to Italy. Now that the eldest is done... Continue Reading →

Bahari swimsuit release

I always find it hard to find great swimsuits for our girls. Either the fit is not so good or the design is not what we both like. I have sewed several swimsuits mostly for our eldest and I always love the result. Now our middle daughter wanted a bikini as well so I sewed... Continue Reading →

Swimsuits for the girls

I found a new joy, sewing swimsuits (see all swimsuits which I sewed before). Our eldest swims every week so sewing a swimsuit will be used every week, not only during summer. But it all started when I wanted to sew a bikini bottom for our middle daughter. During summer our girls mostly wear UV shirts when they... Continue Reading →

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