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Raglan meets dolman sweater

I love asymmetrical clothing. It might actually be the reason why I love to sew, to create asymmetrical pieces of clothing. When I see an asymmetrical sewing pattern I just have to buy it. When I saw the Miss Heron sweater from Sofiona Designs with the asymmetrical option, I loved it right away. And even... Continue Reading →

Skruffle and Bounce

I love the different patterns from The Sewn Edge. I have sewed the Float dress and the Skruffle leggings have been on my sewing list for a while. When I saw a call for testers for the Bounce Sweatshirt I jumped (...) on the occasion. Our eldest is not into sweaters too much but our... Continue Reading →

Heart on my sleeve hoodie

After sewing and testing the Rainbow falls dress from Max and Meena*, Jamie (the designer from Max and Meena) posted the idea of the Heart on my sleeve hoodie. I loved the idea of that hoodie right away and knew our girls would too. So I jumped on the possibility to test the new hoodie.... Continue Reading →

Third Navarro

The Adult Navarro by Stitch Upon A Time* is a very versatile pattern and maybe you didn't recognize all the Navarros that I sewed. I sewed two for our girl and since it is also available for women I sewed one for myself this time. The pattern includes a dress (like I sewed for our... Continue Reading →

Let’s Flex, Switch and Shuffle

Several new patterns from Misusu! Yay! Indeed, you are reading it correctly, three new patterns. The Flex raglan sweater, the Switch crew sweater and the shuffle hoods and collars add-on pack are all here. I sewed all of them and I cannot decide which I like more. First I'll show you the switch crew sweater.... Continue Reading →

Urban unicorn hoodie

Some patterns just take a long time before they are sewed up. The urban hoodie by Heidi and Finn, is definitely one of those in my case. I bought the pattern almost 5 years ago and it stayed in my pattern stash. Only when I saw someone post one in the Heidi & Finn group... Continue Reading →

Unicorn & mermaid sweaters

The sweater season is starting soon, so it was time to start sewing sweaters. I actually already started during our summer in Italy. I used the Mega Max Raglan pattern from Max and Meena Patterns*, which includes a lot of different animal details. You can make a regular t-shirt of sweater with it, or add... Continue Reading →

Colour block hoodie with a twist

With the colder weather I have started sewing sweaters, for our girls and for myself. My husband isn't really into hoodies, but after seeing mine, he was doubting, whether maybe he also wanted one for himself. Let me first show you my sweater. I used the Raglan hoodie with a twist from Made by Runi,... Continue Reading →

A Clover hoodless hoodie with arm pocket

Well get your zippers ready because everybody will want arm pockets after seeing this amazing hoodie. It is the Clover hoodie from Sofiona Designs. It is an amazing sweater with lots of colour block options and that pocket... The Clover hoodie has many different options. It has three different styles for the front and back... Continue Reading →

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