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Nini noni nightwear nightgown

Our girls love dresses, day and night. So when I saw the tester call from Designs by Call Ajaire* I knew it would be a hit in our house. And indeed our middle daughter loves her Nini noni Nightgown. And the perfect thing about these nightgowns is that they last for a long time. This... Continue Reading →

A dress for the night: Nora Kate Nightgown

Our girl loves nightgowns and was is need of new pjs. The Nora Kate Nightgown* by Annelaine Patterns is just perfect for the occasion, especially with the winter season coming up. I love patterns that have many options. Annelaine Patterns have many options, which means you can use the pattern several times and make a different option every... Continue Reading →

Starry Night PJs by Sofiona Designs

Our girl loves dresses. She wants to wear dresses all time, which means day and night! Nightgowns are thus a must! Sofiona Designs released besides the Railway Joggers and two other patterns also the Starry Night PJs. Although we are moving into winter season I loved the design of this pattern and wanted to test the... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreams Nightgown

Our girl is a dress kind a girl, not only during the day, but also at night. Imagine, when you are dreaming, you want to wear a dress and not pants right?! So when I saw a pattern test for a nightgown I jumped on the tester call so I could make a nightgown for... Continue Reading →

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