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Last minutes mittens

Yesterday evening at 10 o'clock I decided that our girls could use some new mittens. They have mittens, they still use these (different girls this time) but of course for our eldest we didn't have waterproof mittens in her size. So far during this winter her fleece mittens were warm enough. However, when building a... Continue Reading →

Mittens for the whole family

This weekend I sewed mittens for all our girls (remember the mitts I sewed for our little one?)! Mittens are just the perfect gift during the winter season. They are quick sews, it took me an hour to sew one pair (and I even added a colour block to these mittens), and they are great... Continue Reading →

Mighty Mitts for the little misses

This weekend I sewed three pairs of mittens! They are perfect gifts and perfect scrap busters. The first pair I am showing you are the ones for our little one. The Mighty Mitts by Eldenberry Blossoms are great due to┬áthe velcro to make them stay put on the hands of your little one. The Mighty... Continue Reading →

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