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Dia love with the shuffle collar

Our girls love the Dia sweater and tunic from Misusu. Our youngest was wearing her dia tunic which our eldest loves so she requested a dia just like her little sister. I put it on my sewing list and just after that the shuffle tester call from Misusu was put online so I jumped on... Continue Reading →

More cozy dresses

I love the cozy dress by Made by Runi. Every time I see one, I fall in love with the dress all over again and I want to sew more. I especially love the cozy dress for the winter season. After the cozy dress from last year, which she unfortunately doesn't fit anymore (it is... Continue Reading →

Funfetti Donut Top, Tunic & Dress Pattern

There is a new pattern by Candy Castle Patterns and you are going to love this pattern! This is going to be your go to pattern, it includes soooo many options. I sewed three garments during testing, a t-shirt, a peplum top and a high low dress. Meet the Funfetti Donut Top, Tunic & Dress Pattern from Candy... Continue Reading →

Litore high-low dress

Oh Sofilantjes, your dresses are great! Sofilantjes dresses are always a big hit with our girls. I have sewed almost all jersey dresses by Sofilantjes*: Nivalis dress, Semper sweater with mini dress add on, Solis dress (and another Solis dress), Mantica dress, Montis dress, Regina tunic and Regina dress, Vivax dress and lastly the Foras dress. There is just one jersey dress missing: the Litore dress! So time... Continue Reading →

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