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Regem t-shirt for men

Yes! Sewing for the man is your life. He is definitely the one that I sew for the least, so he and I were very happy that I could test for him. Meet the Regem shirt from Sofilantjes* for the men in our life. The basic Regem shirt, option A, is a quick sew and... Continue Reading →

Linen Breeze shirt

When I saw this breeze shirt from plus2is5 I knew I had to make it for my husband. During our holiday in Hawaii two years ago we bought a shirt like the breeze shirt and he loves it. So after a year he requested another one. I started looking for a pattern but found it... Continue Reading →

Basic raglan for my man

Last weekend I went on a sewing weekend and I try to make something for everybody during such a weekend. For my husband I made another t-shirt. This time I used the Basic Raglan by Made by Runi. It is a great basic pattern that works well and is sewed together very quickly. I let... Continue Reading →

Billies for the husband

It was already a long time ago that I made something for my husband so he felt a bit neglected. Therefore I decided to sew a couple of items for him during our sewing weekend. I sewed three items for him during that weekend. I started with pyjama pants (which did not make it to... Continue Reading →

Men’s Roller Coaster Tee

My first post about a men's pattern. Although I have sewed some men's patterns before, I have not blogged about any of them. It was my husband's birthday in May and he feels a bit left behind when it comes to sewing for him. So the perfect gift is a handmade item! I sewed the... Continue Reading →

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