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Her very first jumpsuit

Just before I left on my sewing weekend our eldest said she wanted me to sew a jumpsuit. I don't like jumpsuit, so I had no inspiration. During our sewing weekend my partner in crime sewed up the Henrike jumpsuit form Zierstoff and I loved it right away. So I decided to give it a... Continue Reading →

Finally a stella jumpsuit

The Stella Jumpsuit from Sofilantjes* has been on my sewing list for a long time. I wanted to sew it since our youngest was born, 2 years ago. This summer I just had to sew it since she will outgrow the sizes soon and I wanted to make a summer Stella with short sleeves. You... Continue Reading →

Muse playsuit re-release

I love playsuits, don't you? They look so cute on babies. But then babies grow up, so with our youngest still a bit baby like I need to sew up all the playsuits because once they get potty trained they are not that useful anymore. The Muse Playsuit by Stitch Upon a Time* is a great... Continue Reading →

Biker Coverall with snaps

I think almost everybody recognizes the distinct collar of the Biker jacket, sweater and coverall by MW Patterns*. I love that collar! When I had the opportunity to sew the Biker coverall I jumped on that opportunity. I like coveralls, but only for kids when they are small and are not potty trained yet. Once they... Continue Reading →

Baby gift: Grow on romper

A piece of baby clothing that can be worn for 9 months, or 3 years, how amazing does that sound? A new baby was born, which meant sewing a baby gift. Already some time ago I bought the Grow on Romper by Apple Tree Sewing. This pattern intrigued me because you can make it bigger as your baby... Continue Reading →

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