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Daisy dress

Usually when I buy fabric I don't buy it with a project in mind. This was the same when I picked out this minerva exclusive Dancing Lights Loop Back French Terry fabric. I did not have a specific project in mind. However when I received the project I felt it should become a top. This... Continue Reading →

Cocoon dress

Heidi & Finn Patterns are being updated with a projector file. I love the cocoon dress, so this was the perfect moment to sew up another one. In order to get the round shape of the bottom it is designed for French Terry or sweat fabrics. I used leftovers from this dress, which was a... Continue Reading →

Winter Bounce dress

Not too long ago the Bounce sweater from The Sewn Edge was released and I sewed one sweater for our middle girl. Just before Christmas a free winter applique (free for members of the Facebook group) was released and I fell right in love with the applique. So I added it to my to sew... Continue Reading →

Colour blocked Juliet dress

I love to sew dresses for our girls. When the Juliet dress from Peek-a-Boo Patterns* was released I bought it right away... that was more than a year ago. It was on my sewing list for a long time. Sewing weekends are perfect to sew those patterns that I have been wanting to sew for... Continue Reading →

Sofiona Anniversary Fun: Moss hack

It is celebration time over at Sofiona Designs because they are celebrating their one year anniversary. Looking at all the beautiful designs at Sofiona designs you cannot believe they only exist one year! Have a look at my Tide Halter Top, Tundra Crop Sweater, Starry Night PJs and Railway Joggers (and all my other Sofiona makes). For this... Continue Reading →

Nivalis Nursing Hack Tutorial

I love to sew clothing that are nursing friendly now that our baby girl is born. Or even hack patterns so that they become nursing friendly. Today I am showing you how to hack the Nivalis dress for Women by Sofilantjes* to make it nursing friendly. I also wrote the tutorial in Dutch so see... Continue Reading →

Jungle tilt dress

What do you think of international patterns? Already some time ago I became part of the International Knit Sew-a-Longs Facebook group. A very inspirational group with just international sewing patterns. One of the often referred to site is a great German site: Makerist (they also have an English site, however only the English patterns are on... Continue Reading →

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