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Sporty Leggings with pockets

My first (two) leggings made me enthusiastic to sew more athletic leggings for myself. The new collection of patterns by Jalie includes Jessica leggings with side pocket (4127). I love pockets in my leggings and I love colour blocking, both are present in the newest leggings pattern from Jalie.

The biggest advantage in my opinion of sewing my own leggings is that the fit is much better than bought sportswear and therefore doesn’t slide down during running. This is because my measurements are all over the place for my legs. In store bought leggings you cannot combine different sizes in one garment. The Jessica leggings by Jalie includes three measurements, waist, hips and inseam and four finished measurements: waist, hips, calfs and inseam. I am a bit spoiled because the first leggings pattern that I sewed by Sofiona Designs includes a thigh and calf measurement, which I are very useful because these measurements do not line up with my waist and hip measurements. I would be even happier with this pattern if these measurements were included in this pattern.

My measurements put me in size T for my waist and hips and I decided to sew a size V. My fabric is an antimicrobial jersey from Albstoffe and has at most 50% stretch (which is required for the pattern). I was afraid it would not have enough stretch and therefore sized 2 sizes up (size V). Due to my experience with my first leggings I decided to size up (5 sizes) for my thighs and calfs. I blended to size AA for both my thighs and calfs. I am very happy with the fit. If you have some issues with the perfect fit have a look at this blog post, which covers some useful ways to remove fit issues. I had some horizontal stretch lines on the front and scooped out the front.

I love the pocket on the side however I love pockets with a zipper for my house key when I go running. I decided to add a zipper to the back waistband, which luckily is divided in three pieces. I used her tutorial omitting the lining of the pocket. So I cut the back waistband piece in two where the invisible zipper would come and added seam allowance to the sides where I added the invisible zipper. It fits my iPhone perfectly and of course a house key with no risk of losing them.

What I would change next time is maybe lower the waistband. When I first put it on I found the waistband very high, just above my belly button. After wearing it I got used to the high waistband and it is flattering on my belly. Still I would lower the waistband maybe a couple of centimeters.

Fabric: Antimikrobiële Albstoffe Hamburger Liebe Shield Pro Jersey Flower Field, Antimikrobiële Albstoffe Hamburger Liebe Shield Pro Jersey Uni Structure, curry and functional Jersey uni, blue all from Stoffen-Hemmers.
Pattern: Jessica leggings with side pocket (4127) by Jalie
Sizing: F – GG (92-155 kids & 36 – 56 women)
Options: leggings with pockets

#sew20challenge 10/20

Items in 2021: 55
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 57 new fabric – used 73 fabric – 47 scrap pieces – 3 gifted fabric) – in total 57 in 73 out
# Patterns in 2021: 7 in – 6 out

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