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Bikinis for myself

I have been sewing swimwear for a couple of years for our girls already and I have been looking jealously at the swimsuits of our girls. But I never really found a swimsuit that I liked for myself. Until the new patterns of Jalie! The Claudia Bikinis (4136) was added last minute and I liked it right away. A two-piece bikini with a sporty look, but still with a feminine touch.

The process of sewing the bikinis was a long process, mainly due to my own problems. It started off with us getting a new laptop and at the same time upgrading the OS on our old laptop. I have been using projector files for half a year and I love it. Also for this project I used my projector. To make a long story short after cutting my pattern pieces and sewing together almost the whole bikinis, the only step left was attaching the elastic to the bikinis, I figured out the settings of our new laptop were not correct. The settings of our new laptop for our projector are not the same as my old laptop, which meant the bikinis were way too big. Since I didn’t have enough fabric left and I wanted this fabric I had to take the whole bikinis out, cut the new size and put them together again. I did have to add an extra seam to the center back to use this fabric. The pattern doesn’t have a seam at the back and the back piece consists of just one pattern piece. Luckily it is an easy sew. The only challenge with sewing swim is the elastic.

I am so happy with my bikinis. I added bikini swim cups to my bikinis. There is an extra pattern piece included in the pattern to add removable swim cups (also a separate pdf for the instructions). I missed these but still wanted to add cups to my bikinis. The bikinis are fully lined so I just added an extra layer of lining and added the cups between these two layers of lining and sewed it to the top. The cups cannot be removed in my bikinis but that is fine, I won’t remove them anyways.

The Claudia bikinis include several options: two options for the top and three options for the bottom. I used the cross-over option for the top and the low waist for the bottom. There is also a rounded square neckline for the top and a high waist with hidden elastic or a high sash-style waistband.

Fabric: Pink red panel from Royal Look
Pattern: Claudia bikinis (4136) by Jalie
Sizing: F – GG (92-155 for kids & 36-56 for women)
Options: a rounded square or surplice neckline, a low waist, high waist with hidden elastic or a high sash-style waistband.

#sew20challenge 12/20

Items in 2021: 57
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 1 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 57 new fabric – used 75 fabric – 47 scrap pieces – 3 gifted fabric) – in total 57 in 75 out
# Patterns in 2021: 7 in – 6 out

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