Misusu FREEkin’ Sewing Challenge: Max meets Lotte

I love patterns by Misusu, so when I saw the call for a blog tour by Misusu I jumped on the occasion and I was selected! Woohoo! Today is my day to inspire you for the Misusu FREEkin’ Sewing Challenge. You only have a couple of days left to participate in the challenge (until Saturday August 18th). I love to see your creations! More on the challenge and the giveaway below.

Max and Lotte by Misusu Patterns

For my creation I used the free pattern the Max Tee and mashed it with the Lotte Dress (a paid pattern by Misusu). The Max Tee has a bib closure, which makes it easy to put over the head. What is unique about this Tee is that you can combine knit and woven in this pattern. You can make the bib part out of knit or woven. I really love patterns that match knit with woven. I have sewed two Louise sweaters by Misusu in which you can also combine knit and woven (I combined two stretch fabrics).

The Lotte top, tunic and dress is a pattern in which you can also combine knit and woven fabrics (do you see a theme here…?). The top part of the dress is made for knit fabric while the bottom skirt part can be made from woven fabrics. The pattern has three different lengths, top, tunic and dress length with a high-low hem line.

Max meets Lotte
What I did is I made a dress with the Max Tee for the top part and I used the skirt part of the Lotte dress. I made the bib on the front and the top part of the back from woven fabric as well as the skirt. Well actually I used more of a canvas type of fabric for the skirt. I traced the pattern pieces of the Max Tee and adapted the bottom of the Tee to the bottom of the top part of the Lotte dress. The Lotte dress is shorter than the Max Tee and has a different bottom line. The Max Tee officially has long sleeves, I adapted that to half sleeves until the elbow. I like the look of the slim sleeves, but next time I would add maybe 1 cm to the seam to make the sleeves a bit looser.

I really love the result of the mash! The bib of the Max Tee is just so fun and of course our girl loves dress, especially with pockets! I really like the effect of combining knit with woven fabrics. I cannot wait to see the creations for the FREEkin’ Sewing challenge! More information on that below.

FREEkin’ Sewing Challenge
So what do you need to do in order to participate in the FREEkin’ sewing challenge by Misusu:

You’re free to combine other (paid Misusu) patterns (and from other brands too) in your look with one of our freebies. Just make sure your look consists of at least one Misusu freebie! The FREEkin’ Sewing Challenge will run for 4 weeks – from Saturday July 21th to Saturday August 18th – giving you enough time to come up with an amazing look! Get creative, give yourself a theme, sew from the stash, create a pattern hack – the possibilities are endless! Have a look here for the prizes you can win.

To top things off, if you crave to combine one of the freebies with one of the other patterns by Misusu, you can get it at a 15% discount during the challenge, by using the following code at checkout in the webshop: MISUSU15.

Additionally there is also a Instagram giveaway. You can win a free pattern by Misusu Patterns! What you need to do is follow @misusupatterns and @sewcucio at Instagram and leave a comment on the post of the FREEkin’ Sewing Challenge at my Instagram account. I will select a winner after 24 hours from the contestants who have left a comment. So go over to @sewcucio to win a free pattern by Misusu patterns!

Fabric: Paapii Siesta Peach, which I have already for some time, I love the print, but when it arrived due to the specific colour I found it very difficult to combine it with any other fabric so it stayed in my stash for some time. I combined it with a canvas type of fabric from Kwantum.
PatternsMax Tee and Lotte Dress by Misusu

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