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Another Sew Naaiz weekend!

It has been a bit quiet at the blog the last couple of weeks. We were on holiday for a couple of weeks and then it was time for our eldest to start school. We are all busy with getting used to the new rhythm. So not much sewing during the last couple of weeks.


But then last weekend started and I could catch up. Last week it was time for another sewing weekend. I am always looking forward to these weekends, a whole weekend of non-stop sewing! It is the best opportunity to catch up on all my sewing ideas. Especially during our holidays I have many many different projects in my head that I would like to make. During a sewing weekend I can try to make all the projects that I have imagined.


It was another great weekend with 22 ladies. This time we went to a different location from the location in the beginning of this year. It was a beautiful location, although Miranda (from Inspinration) and me did not see much of it. On Saturday we sewed for almost 18 hours. We were the first to start in the morning and one of the last ones to go to bed (at a pretty decent hour at midnight). We were lucky that we even had an extra hour due to the start of the wintertime. I am already looking forward to the next sewing weekend in February!


This time I sewed one of my highest number of items during one weekend. Last sewing weekend I had more complex projects (I sewed the try out outfits of our kids for our wedding, see the outfit for our eldest and our youngest girl). This time I chose easier projects and sewed 7 items in total, something for everybody in our household (myself excluded), to keep everybody happy ;). In the coming weeks you will see all projects on the blog.

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