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Kite Fold Tee Colour Block Competition

Colour blocking and Madeit Patterns, the perfect combination for me. I love colour blocking and I adore Madeit Patterns. I own many Madeit Patterns (I have sewed two Groove dresses and before I started my blog I hacked the balloon fold dress into a top and I sewed the pocket fold skirt). The Kite Fold Tee is one of the patterns that I did not sew yet. Then I received an email that the Kite Fold Tee was updated with long sleeves! This just perfectly fitted my intentions of sewing some long sleeved t-shirts for our eldest girl.

I love colour blocking with as many different fabrics as possible. Yes, I love bold combinations! The Kite Fold Tee is perfect for that. I even got an extra push when Madeit Patterns announced the Kite Fold Tee Colour Block Competition, how exciting! So time to sew up a kite fold tee with long sleeves!

For our sewing weekend in February I decided to bring some fabric with me of which I had only a small piece left, which are perfect for colour blocking! The main fabric, the eskimo fabric, is a fabric that I already have for a long time. I made a vest from it and only had a small piece left. I combined it with the yellow and red striped fabric which both come from my own stash. The grey dots fabric of course came from the exchange pile from last sewing weekend. I love the combinations of the t-shirt, although I can imagine that some might think it is too much. Luckily, Miranda (my partner in crime during these sewing weekends) and I both love colour blocking with bold combinations. So she always supports my bold combinations.

One thing I changed in the pattern is the attachment of the neckband. I love using binding for the neck, so I cut off a small piece around the neck and added binding to the neck instead of a regular neckband. Of course the binding comes from her stash (she has all those colours I do not own), which is great of sewing during sewing weekends. You can easily exchange those haberdasheries you don’t have in the right colour.

Fabric: Inuit from Lillestoff, other pieces come from my big unknown stash.
Pattern: Kite fold tee by Madeit Patterns

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