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A new favourite (uptown/downtown) dress for our girl!

During the summer our girl had one favourite dress which she wore non-stop. During our holiday in Indonesia, she basically almost only wore this maxi dress. The only moment she did not wear it was when it was in the laundry. With the colder weather arriving, it was time for a new dress with a less summer feel.

Uptown downtown maxi dress by Stay + Stitch

During our sewing weekend I sewed a new long dress for our girl. I looked for a maxi dress with long sleeves and the Uptown/Downtown Dress form Stay + Stitch was the perfect option. The love the lines of the pattern and the fit. I made size 2T for our 4 year old and it fits perfectly. I made the most simple version, no cowl, just simpel hemming and I was done. The only thing I would change for the next dress is make the sleeves a bit wider. The fit is snug at the moment, not that our girl minds, but a bit wider sleeves would be better I feel.


This was my quickest project during our sewing weekend. I traced the pattern, cut the fabric and sewed the dress within an hour. Even though it was a quick sew it was the biggest hit when I returned from our weekend. Again she has been wearing it non-stop (excluding the moments when she cannot wear it). So there will be more for sure!


Fabric: jersey from Megastoffen
PatternUptown/Downtown Dress from Stay + Stitch

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