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LOL Swing Top in Indonesia

This new LOL Swing Top* by Jennuine Design has already seen many different places. I sewed the Swing Top during our holiday in Italy in the summer. And I made the pictures during our holiday in Indonesia. We love this top for summer weather!

LOL swing top by Jennuine Design

I like the look of the wide bottom of the Swing Top, it is so nice and flowy. Officially, it is a top and not a dress. The length of the top is supposed to be at her hip. When I finished sewing the top I did not like the length of the top on our girl. I think I should have chosen a longer length. I found it too short to be a top. So I decided to add a rectangular piece of fabric to the bottom. The bottom of the top is already quite wide and I did not want to add more width to the bottom so I just added a piece of fabric with the same width of the bottom of the top. I played a little bit with the stripes and put the stripes in a different direction, I really love the result. The piece of fabric that I added turned out a bit shorter than it was supposed to be so I added a piece of fabric in a different color. Also this time I really like how it turned out.


What I really like from the Jennuine Design patterns is the size range. They usually start at new born size and go up to 12 years! Especially since our youngest is quite small and narrow for her age, I need small sizes for her clothing. This time I made size 9-12M for our almost two year old. It is not the first Jennuine Design pattern that I have made. In the very first post of this blog I made the Divided Dress for our youngest, also a big hit which she wore a lot.


For the photos we were at Lovina Beach in Bali and it was the perfect moment to take pictures. The weather was great and our youngest was just looking around at the people around us. Sometimes I wish I had such great locations and moment to make photos. Especially with the colder weather at home it becomes more difficult to take pictures outside.


Fabric: jersey bought at my local fabric warehouse in Italy (all three jersey fabrics)
Pattern: Swing Top by Jennuine Design

* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same. Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction!

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