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Tea Party Dress & Chloe Cardigan- wedding outfit II

In my previous post I showed you the wedding outfit that I sewed for our eldest. In this post I’ll show you the outfit for our youngest. I used the same fabrics and created the same look of the dress. For our youngest I used the Baby Chloe Cardigan and the Tea party dress.

The Tea party dress from Tadah Patterns has many different options in the pattern. I used the high neckline, cap sleeves and regular button back. I did have to hack the front and back bodice to get the same colour blocking as in the azure party dress. The bonus of this pattern is that it starts at 6-12M and goes up to size 8. This was perfect for our girl who has a small chest size and did not fit in the azure party dress that I made for her sister.
For the cardigan I used the Baby Chloe Cardigan from Bubby and Me Creations, which starts at 0000 and goes up to 18M. There is also the Chloe cardigan, which starts at 18M up to 10. I think it is such a cute cardigan, perfect for over a dress as an extra layer.
Photo by Mon et Mine
Photo by Mon et Mine
Photo by Mon et Mine
You might have noticed the amazing photos of the dresses that were made during our wedding days. We had great photographers during our wedding days. Hermine and Ramon from Mon et Mine made pictures during our day in the Netherlands. We absolutely love their photos! foto-6-2 Of course our girl needed a matching onesie, so I used the Flosstyle sleeveless onesie that matched her dress. Pattern: Tea party dress by Tadah Patterns and Baby Chloe Cardigan by Bubby and Me creations Fabric: I bought the fabric at Cares Stoffen in Wijchen. Even the buttons and bias tape come from Cares Stoffen. The grey french terry comes from Madeline de Stoffenmadam

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