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Papavero asymmetrical dress

Some time ago I received this beautiful Minerva Exclusive viscose challis fabric from Minerva. I fell in love with the print the moment I saw it. Those colors, such a bright and happy print. I just wanted it right away. I was very happy that I was one of the lucky ones to receive the fabric as a minerva ambassador.

Since viscose is not a fabric I often sew with I had to think for a while about which pattern I would use. I sewed a dress for a summer wedding (which I did not share yet) and was very happy how it turned out. I was inspired by an asymmetrical skirt that I saw somebody wearing. I love asymmetrical patterns so I started searching for an asymmetrical pattern and that is how I stumbled upon this Papavero asymmetrical dress. I wasn’t convinced right away since it is a Polish pattern. However, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. So I accepted the challenge and sewed the dress.

I don’t like sewing a muslin so I started with this beautiful fabric right away. I did change a couple of things to my dress in comparison to the original pattern. There is a seam allowance included of 1 cm all around. I preferred to have a seam of 2 cm for the bottom hem of the dress so I added an extra cm to the bottom hem. I also lengthened the shortest front because I found it too short. Additionally, I fully lined the bodice to get a nicely finished bodice.

I am a big fan of the asymmetrical front and back and the darts in the bodice. The darts make it easier to make the dress fit nicely. For the invisible zipper I only sewed it in the top on the dress since the length of my zipper stopped there. I would recommend putting in the zipper just a bit below the waistline as for me I can just wiggle myself into the dress. That might also have to do with my different sizing in hips, waist and bust.

Fabric: Minervan Exclusive enchanted Vision Viscose Challis Fabric from Minerva
Pattern: Papavero asymmetrical dress
Sizing: 32 – 60
Options: just one dress

Items in 2022: 38
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2022: bought 47 new fabric – used 63 fabric – 17 scrap pieces – 1 gifted fabric) – in total 47 in 63 out and 17 scraps
# Patterns in 2022: 12 in – 3 out


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