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December fest: origami dress with hood

Misusu is definitely a pattern designer that always makes me want to sew her patterns. I have added a couple more these week. I have sewed a lot of different Misusu Patterns but the Origami sweater wasn’t one of them. Probably because I didn’t know it included a dress length. All Misusu patterns are now discounted!

I really like those straight sweater dresses that I made with Misusu patterns before, like this Christmas Louise dress from last year, these Dia dresses that I made two years ago as well as this Flex dress (I just lengthened the sweater to make a dress out of it).
I love the lines in the Origami sweater, these are really a Misusu feature. I sewed a piece of fabric between the pattern pieces to accentuate those diagonal lines in the bodice.

There were two new features added to the Origami sweater: the hood and thumbhole cuffs (and the option to sew just one V instead of 2 V’s). Thumbhole cuffs are always a winner in our household. Our girls call it thumb sweaters/dresses. This dress was the first with thumbhole cuffs for our youngest and she fell in love with them immediately. It might also be the fact that her favorite animal is a lion/tiger and her favorite colour is yellow. What more could she ask for?!
Since the hood consists of two pattern piece I wanted to accentuate that line as well and therefore added the same fabric as I did to the bodice.

I chose to sew just one V colour block. You can also add two pieces of colour blocking. You can choose for pieced V shaped pieces consisting of two pieces of fabric or the basic colour block V, which consists of just one piece. It might be a bit more challenging with those basic V colour block pieces to sew a nice sharp angle.

Fabrics: Cheetah from Eva Mouton fabrics that I bought at Evim Textile and fabrics group
Pattern: Origami sweater from Misusu Patterns
Sizing: 80 -164 (9M/12M – 13/14Y)
Options: sweater or dress length, long or short sleeves, crossover collar or hood, basic front or pieced/basic colour block, optional kangaroo pocket and thumbhole cuffs
Difficulty: Intermediate

Items in 2022: 37
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2022: bought 47 new fabric – used 62 fabric – 17 scrap pieces – 0 gifted fabric) – in total 47 in 62 out and 17 scraps
# Patterns in 2022: 12 in – 2 out


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