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Two Groove dresses in one week!

I have a large pile of patterns (so to speak as most of them are digital). I keep track of my patterns and try to sew a new pattern every month, as the pile of patterns keeps growing. Every time I am persuaded to buy a pattern and before I have sewed it I have bought a new one. Anybody else has this same problem?

But this time it was different. Our eldest girl started school and two days before the week started I came up with the idea to sew her a ‘first day at school’ outfit. I started looking for a pattern that confirmed to the strict rules of our daughter. 1) it has to be dress, 2) it has to be a dress in which she can dance, which means it has to twirl. And it should be an easy sew as I only had the weekend, in which also the birthday party was planned, so not too much time to sew.

I came across the Groove Dress from Madeit Patterns and thought it would be the perfect fit. I bought it on Saturday morning and sewed the first Groove dress within 24 hours. That has never happened to me before. Sewing a pattern so quickly! I love the dress, it is different from the other dresses that twirl and it flows so nice.
One thing I was struggling with was the large amount of fabric, or I should say the wide piece of fabric that you need. I almost always sew from my stash and I do not buy large pieces of fabric when I go fabric shopping. I prefer pieces of 70 cm at the moment. This gives me a challenge when I start sewing (I love this challenge by the way). Inspired by the Groove Dress from Inspinration I decided to cut the Groove Dress in several pieces so that I had enough fabric.

Because I loved the result so much I decided to sew another Groove Dress. This time in more winter suitable fabric. We had another sewing weekend and I used all scraps from other people to sew this dress. You might recognize the fabric on the lower right from the Maggie Dress from Inspinration. Again I cut the Groove Dress in several pieces, this time to fit the pieces I had. This became a blue inspired dress. You can see that the type of fabric makes the dresses look different from each other. I know more Groove dresses will follow in the future for sure!

Fabric: Lions from Lillestoff which I bought at Cas en Nina last year during our sewing weekend for the yellow lion dress and scraps from other people at our sewing weekend for the blue dress.
Pattern: Groove Dress by Madeit Patterns

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