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Let’s Flex, Switch and Shuffle

Several new patterns from Misusu! Yay! Indeed, you are reading it correctly, three new patterns. The Flex raglan sweater, the Switch crew sweater and the shuffle hoods and collars add-on pack are all here. I sewed all of them and I cannot decide which I like more. First I’ll show you the switch crew sweater.

Both the Switch crew and the Flex raglan have almost the same options (although they look differently on the Switch and Flex sweater). The options are:
* basic sweater or a colour blocked sweater
* a straight bottom band or a high-low bottom band
* straight sleeve cuff or thumbhole sleeve cuffs
* a basic sleeve or a 3-piece sleeve (or a 4 piece sleeve for the Switch crew sweater)
* kangaroo, a big pocket or inseam pockets (for the Switch crew sweater)

I sewed the colour blocked Switch crew sweater with 4 piece sleeves, straight cuffs and a high-low waistband. I love the colour blocked pieces on the top of the arm and the continuing piece on the side of the sweater. All these smaller pattern pieces are perfect for scraps from other projects. The zebra fabric was a leftover from this dress.

Next up is the Flex raglan sweater with shuffle collar. I sewed the colour blocked sweater with the 3 piece sleeves, regular sleeve cuffs and a high-low bottom band. Additionally, I lengthened the sweater with 15 cm to make a dress out of it. I love the result! It probably works best for younger kids with not too many curves. I love the colour blocked pieces in the front of the sweater that continues on to the sleeves if you use the colour blocked sleeves.
I added the cowl of the shuffle hoods and collars add on pack to the dress of our youngest. The shuffle hoods and collar add on pack includes the following:
* Classic hood (with or without facing)
* Cross over hood (with or without facing)
* Scuba hood (with or without facing, with optional gusset)
* Additional options: triangular insert, visor, rib knit band

* High funnel neck (with or without facing)
* Cowl (with or without facing)
* Cross over collar (with or without facing)
* midi rib turtle neck
* Additional options: rib knit band (for the cowl and cross over collar)

I sewed the cowl to the Pinguin dress. For the two dresses below I used the cross over collar. I’ll show you these dress in the next blog post. The cross over collar of our eldest was the first version and had a looser fit. The cross over collar of our middle daughter was the final version which has a more straight shape and was a bit more fitted.

RELEASE SALE: Friday November 20th – Monday November 30th, 12.00 pm CET. DISCOUNT: The Switch, Flex, Shuffle, Dia and their bundles will be discounted by 25% – no code needed!

Fabric: I used brushed french terry for the uni colours and the Pinguins Sweat from Chat Chocolat was bought at Stoffenfeest
* Flex raglan sweater from Misusu (also available as bundle with the shuffle hoods and collars add-on pack)
* Switch crew sweater from Misusu (also available as bundle with the shuffle hoods and collars add-on pack)
* Shuffle hoods and collar add-on pack from Misusu
There is also a bundle that includes the flex raglan, switch crew and shuffle add-on!
Sizing: 80 – 164 (9/12M – 13/14Y)
Options: see the lists above of all the options
Difficulty: Confident beginner

# Fabric this week: 12 in – 4 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 96 new fabric – used 135 fabric – 41 scrap pieces – 11 gifted fabric) – in total 96 in 135 out
# Patterns in 2020: 11 in – 19 out

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