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A darcy zebra dress

I love asymmetrical patterns. So the Darcy top and dress by Bubby and Me Creations appealed to me right away when it was released about 1,5 years ago. But the short sleeves in the original pattern made that I never made it until now. Half a year ago long sleeves were added to the pattern, so perfect to make a winter dress!
Darcy dress by Bubby and me creations
When I select dresses for our eldest the dress needs to twirl and by that she means twirling your socks off! Although this dress does not have a full circle skirt it comes very close to it. My mom gave me the blue fabric, she sewed something for herself with it and gave me the rest, a very generous piece of fabric. So I was looking for a fabric that matched the blue velvety stretchy very soft fabric. I know our girl would love the zebras and to make it even more zebra like I added a band of stripe ribbing in between the upper and lower pieces. I used the same direction of the ribbing for the neckband (across the stretch direction) so I had to add a extra piece of black ribbing to the back to fit the neck.

Fabric: Blue stretch velvet like fabric from the stoffenstraat and Zebras watching in ochre by Poppy (french terry) from Naaiplezier
Pattern: Darcy top and dress by Bubby and Me creations

1) Access and accessibility t-shirt: a t-shirt with nursing access
2) Wendybird dresses: two lovely dresses for both our girls
3) Nivalis dress: I hacked a nivalis dress to have nursing access
4) Arja Softshell Coat: softshell coat with a baby add on
5) Issy dress: Colour blocking dress with a collar
6) Bubby & Bee Hoodie: Hoodie without the hood

7) Darcy dress

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in – 2 out (2018: bought 63 – used 98 fabric – used 6 gifted fabric – used 31 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 63 in 135 out

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