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Second Star Julia top for me

I already made several Julia sweaters from Compagnie-M. This one and this one for our girl and one for myself. But the last time I sewed one has been several years. I still love the design and we are still wearing our Julia sweaters. I sewed those two for our eldest and our youngest now fits into them.

Some weeks ago in the Second Star facebook group they asked if people wanted to sew with the new released fabric. I of course jumped to the occasion. I fell in love with Second Star fabric prints and I already bought several pieces of Second Star fabric. Shortly after that I got the most exciting news that I was one of the lucky ones who would receive a meter of Florescence.

When I received the fabric I didn’t know right away what to make with it. It had to be a pattern that would fit with the fabric perfectly. Then I was wearing my Julia sweater and I knew this would be the perfect pattern for the fabric.
I did have to cut the back of the top in two, because of the dolman sleeves I could not get the whole piece out of the fabric. I tried my best to do some pattern matching. Can you spot the cutting line?
I also added 7 cm to the waistband. I knew from experience that I found the waistband of the Julia sweater to be too tight for my liking. I also lengthened the cuffs with 1 cm, so that they are nice and long.

The Julia Sweater from Compagnie-M has lots of different options. As an asymmetry lover I love the asymmetrical option the most, which I now have used three times.
There is a basic dolman sweater or a colour blocked version (on one side or two sides). Ther is a regular neckline, a lower neckline (I cut my neckline lower than the regular neckline, but higher than the lower neckline), a wide neckline or an asymmetrical folded collar. Then there are the options of a fake button placket, shoulder flaps and a tunnel pocket. You can go all the way! All Compagnie-M are discounted to 5 euro at the moment!

Second star fabric has a great selection of solids that match their prints. I found my perfect match in my own fabric stash. That why it is great to a have a great selection of options… (although my husband doesn’t agree).

Fabric: Florescence from Second Star Fabric
Pattern: Julia sweater for Women (also available for kids) from Compagnie-M
Sizing: 12, 14 (teens), 34 – 46
– Basic dolman sleeves sweater.
– A pattern option to add a tunnel pocket.
– A pattern option to add one or two faux button plackets.
– Two options to finish the neckline: basic neckband & asymmetrical folded collar.
– A tutorial for a wide or deep neckline.
– A tutorial for short sleeves

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 84 new fabric – used 119 fabric – 38 scrap piece – 11 gifted fabric) – in total 84 in 168 out
# Patterns in 2020: 11 in – 19 out

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