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Free Pattern: Upcycled Pompi Pants

I met Gabi from The Minimi Project in 2016 during our first sewing weekend. In the beginning of this year we met again during the second edition of our sewing weekend. The idea behind The Minimi Project is that they develop sewing patterns for repurposing/upcycling clothes. Gabi is such a great lady she already showed us during our sewing weekends how easy it can be to upcycle old clothes into great new ones.

Pompi pants by Minimi project

I believe the first promo pompipants were made during our sewing weekend in February. During summer Gabi posted some more pompipants she made on Instagram. I loved them right away, you know, that color blocking thing. When she asked if people wanted to test the pattern I volunteered right away. This also gave me an excuse to sew something for our youngest daughter. She is sometimes left behind a bit as her big sister because a lot of patterns start at 1 year. And although she is almost 2 years (when I sewed these pants, she is 2 years now), her chest is still in the 9-12M range.

Making photos of small kids is so much more difficult than for our older kids. Don’t you think? It is difficult for them to stay still, so most photos are a bit blurry. And listening to instructions… usually I try to have somebody else around to steer them in the right directions. But unfortunately that is not always possible.

Let’s talk about these pompi pants. It is a free pattern and comes in the range 3 months to 3 years! The unique part of these parts are the color blocked back which are great for scraps or for some of your old clothes you want to keep and treasure.


I love the idea of repurposing clothes. I actually have lots and lots (and lots) of old clothes that I save to make something new from. Sometimes it is actually easier to empty out my own closet if I know I can make something new from it. Although the upcycling pile mostly grows and only occasionally diminishes.
I took an old vest from myself and used that for the legs of the pompipants. The ribbing and the small part on the back of the pants are new fabrics. The pompipants are a really quick sew, I taped the pattern, cut the fabric and sewed the pompipants I think within the hour. Aren’t these quick sews great?!


Fabric: upcycled an old vest from my upcycle-stash and “Gorgeous graphic” sweat fabric by Poppy from the Stoffenstraat
Pattern: Unisex Pompi Pants by The Minimi Project

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