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Recycling two of one kind

Ok I promise, this is the last summer clothing I will show you this year. I wish it was still summer, don’t you?

New environments can give you new inspiration. We were in Italy on holiday and it was hot, very hot and there were many mosquitoes in the evening. So a thin pair of trousers would be ideal for our holiday. In the stores here in Italy I saw many trousers made of 100% viscose. This type of fabric would be ideal, nice and flowy and very thin. Of course I could not find any of these type of trousers in kid sizes, only in women sizes. So when I spotted a pair of trousers on sale I bought it and from this pair of trousers I sewed two trousers for both girls.
For both girls I traced a pair of trousers that fitted well. I wanted to use as much as possible from the fabric I had so I left the side seam as it was and I also used the elastic waist in the trousers. As the trousers was a size small, in Italy that means, very small, I only had to trim the sides slightly to get to the right size.
Fabric: I made two pairs of trousers from one XL pair of store bought trousers
Pattern: I traced two well fitting trousers

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