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Show Your Stoff Blog Tour

Today I am showing you two patterns from Zierstoff Patterns*. The Greta Tunic and the Mina Shorts. Both patterns are great for summer sewing. We were just planning a trip to Indonesia when I was looking at the patterns, so I got very inspired to sew some summer garments.

First up is the Greta Tunic. It is a tunic which is great for summer to put over a swimsuit at the beach for example. When I saw the Greta Tunic I just thought it would just be perfect for our eldest. I like the loose fit, it just flows nicely. An added bonus is the quick sew, only attaching the facing in the front might take some time.

The fabric was already in my stash for almost years. I loved it when I saw it online, but once it was in my hands I found it difficult to combine with other fabrics and did not find a pattern that fitted the fabric. When I saw this pattern I thought the fabric was just perfect for it.

The Mina shorts are an even quicker sew than the Greta Tunic. Within 2 hours I cut the pattern, chose the fabric (which always takes some time) and sewed the garment. The only downside was the fabric that I choose, it has some lines in it and of course I wanted the lines to line up. So I had to unpick for a couple of times before I was satisfied.

The shorts are perfect for summer weather. As you can see in the picture of the back of the shorts I had another issue when sewing the shorts. The waistband was a bit short. So therefore I sewed another piece of fabric in the back. It also makes it easier for our girl to identify the back when she is putting it on. I like the extra color in the waistband.
What I like about the shorts is the fit and the quick sew. You can easily make a couple for summer. And the result looks like a nice store bought garment, but then with nice unique fabric.

You can buy any of the Zierstoff Patterns with 30% discount in April, use the code MahlicaDesigns30.

The rest of the week more bloggers will show you one of the many patterns by Zierstoff Patterns. Make sure to have a look. There is such a wide variety of patterns.

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Friday April 14- Tales of a Tester; Anne-Mari Sews; Bless, by Tone; Life Sew Savory; Needles to Say, Adventures with Bubba and Bug

Saturday April 15- Sprouting Jube Jube, Musings of A Seamstress, Stitches by Laura; Tea, Dust and Stitches, Anna’s Heirloom Boutique, Ronda B Handmade, Glitter in my Coffee

10 thoughts on “Show Your Stoff Blog Tour

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  1. I want both of these patterns now. The Mila shorts are similar to the City Gym shorts patterns, but with pockets and less fiddley bias binding. Using the Greta as a swim coverup is a brilliant idea too. The fabric you used for the Greta looks just right for a summer trip to tropical locations and the plais shorts are adorable.


  2. They are both cute but I just love the tunic! I was wanting to try a woven fabric tunic for my daughter and this one looks perfect. Now just to wait for summer in NZ!


  3. I love the pop of colour at the back of the waistband – that's a really great idea, and I might just try that for my little ones.


  4. Thank you so much! I started with the extra color because a too short waistband, but now I just love the look of it (I have been doing it for some time now).


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