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Celebration time: Regina add-on

It's celebration time over at Sofilantjes*, 20.000 members in the Sofilantjes Facebook group, wow! Therefore, there is a great new add-on being released for the Regina tunic and dress. This new add-on includes a low back (isn't it beautiful?) and a half circle skirt! Remember the Regina tunic and dress? Of course you do! With... Continue Reading →

First day at school dress – Wendybird dress times two

Something about a donkey that doesn't hurts itself twice on the same stone (Dunglish expression), or in correct English a fox is not caught twice in the same snare. I sewed the Wendybird dress by Stitch Upon a Time* for our eldest for her first day at school. But something went wrong while cutting of the... Continue Reading →

Jungle tilt dress

What do you think of international patterns? Already some time ago I became part of the International Knit Sew-a-Longs Facebook group. A very inspirational group with just international sewing patterns. One of the often referred to site is a great German site: Makerist (they also have an English site, however only the English patterns are on... Continue Reading →

A colourblock BeeStyle

I love colour blocking, I think everybody knows that by now. And I love bold colour combinations. This t-shirt is the perfect example of that. I got to know this pattern through her of course (Inspinration). You can see she also made two bold versions of this pattern. It is a German pattern, BeeStyle, with great colour blocking potential. It... Continue Reading →

Tammy dress by Annelaine Patterns

Summer sewing has started! We are still waiting for summer temperatures to arrive, but at least every once in a while the sun is showing itself. The Tammy dress* from Annelaine Patterns is perfect for summer! The Tammy dress comes in a wide size range from 9M - 20 and has several options. Our girl picked out the fabric... Continue Reading →

Kite Fold Tee Colour Block Competition

Colour blocking and Madeit Patterns, the perfect combination for me. I love colour blocking and I adore Madeit Patterns. I own many Madeit Patterns (I have sewed two Groove dresses and before I started my blog I hacked the balloon fold dress into a top and I sewed the pocket fold skirt). The Kite Fold Tee is one... Continue Reading →

Orbis Skinny Harem Blog Tour

I saw a call for a blog tour, a blog tour for Sofilantjes*!! Of course I jumped on that bandwagon as quickly as I could. I love the designs of Sofilantjes! Who doesn't?! It was the blog tour for the Orbis Skinny Harem*, many of you have seen them as part of the One Thimble... Continue Reading →

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