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Sofiona Anniversary Fun: Moss hack

It is celebration time over at Sofiona Designs because they are celebrating their one year anniversary. Looking at all the beautiful designs at Sofiona designs you cannot believe they only exist one year! Have a look at my Tide Halter Top, Tundra Crop Sweater, Starry Night PJs and Railway Joggers (and all my other Sofiona makes). For this... Continue Reading →

Eximia sweater x3 and Framalo give-away

Celebration time at Sofilantjes*! You must have seen all the beautiful eximia sweaters that everybody made for this celebration week at Sofilantjes. Look at all the amazing fabric shops that are participating. Today is the giveaway at Framalo who is giving away 1 eximia sweater! Go over to the Facebook page of Framalo to find out what you... Continue Reading →

Sewing Weekend! Win a Goodiebag!

I was also one of those 22 ladies that went on a sewing weekend last weekend. You might have seen already several posts from the other ladies of our awesome weekend away in Belgium. Read until the end of the post to take a chance in winning a goodiebag! As you can see many different... Continue Reading →

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