Heart on my sleeve hoodie

After sewing and testing the Rainbow falls dress from Max and Meena*, Jamie (the designer from Max and Meena) posted the idea of the Heart on my sleeve hoodie. I loved the idea of that hoodie right away and knew our girls would too. So I jumped on the possibility to test the new hoodie.... Continue Reading →

Quartet of rainbow dresses

My first test in 2021 is a favorite here in our house. I got to test the Rainbow fall dress from Max and Meena Patterns* for our youngest. Both other girls requested a rainbow dress straight away. So during the testing time I used my projector to sew the dresses for our two other girls.... Continue Reading →

Third Navarro

The Adult Navarro by Stitch Upon A Time* is a very versatile pattern and maybe you didn't recognize all the Navarros that I sewed. I sewed two for our girl and since it is also available for women I sewed one for myself this time. The pattern includes a dress (like I sewed for our... Continue Reading →

Lykka dress for girls

I first saw the lykka dress from Mamili 1910 when she made the lykka dress for herself. I knew our girls would love the option with multiple skirts so I bought the lykka dress for girls and for women. That was 2 years ago. In the beginning of this year, I traced the pattern for... Continue Reading →

Swirl around leggings

Recently I was doing some shopping in an online store and saw sports leggings with stretch velvet in them. I loved the idea and thought, I can make that! The swirl around leggings from Made by Runi were on my list to sew since the release, both for one of our girls and for myself.... Continue Reading →

Jacket nr 3 for me

I love sewing jackets. It is a bit of a more complicated sew and therefore always give a satisfing feel after finishing it. I have already sewed 2 jackets last year and here is the next one: the Charlie jacket from Jalie. My first jacket was the Frida Jacket fromĀ Fibre Mood, the second is the... Continue Reading →

A twisted outfit: Romy twist tee and skirt

Twisted and asymmetrical clothing are my weak spot, so I fell in love the moment I saw this outfit, the Adult Romy Twist Tee and Skirt from Petite Stitchery*. They look complicated and sophisticated, but they are actually very quick sews. The twist top has three different lengths, I made the regular top length, also... Continue Reading →

A spring inspired misusu outfit: Doris & Piper

Joining an inspirational tour is always exciting (+ Giveaway!). This time I am joining the spring inspiration tour of Misusu where in total 35 bloggers are showing you inspiration with the Piper Tank Top combined with the Doris skirt or the Alex Joggers (which are now available in a bundle). Also more on the giveaway... Continue Reading →

A Clover hoodless hoodie with arm pocket

Well get your zippers ready because everybody will want arm pockets after seeing this amazing hoodie. It is the Clover hoodie from Sofiona Designs. It is an amazing sweater with lots of colour block options and that pocket... The Clover hoodie has many different options. It has three different styles for the front and back... Continue Reading →

Bonfire sweater for women

Today the second Miss pattern (sizes 0-20) by Sofiona Designs is released. The Bonfire hoodie was already released for girls (sizes 2-16) now you can twin with your girl with your own Miss Bonfire sweater. I was one of the lucky testers and am going to show you two sweaters that I sewed during testing.... Continue Reading →

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