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Last Sofiona sew: Minnow swimsuit

It turns out to be a swimsuit season for me sewing wise. I already sewed this swimsuit for our eldest and this is the second swimsuit for her and I have at least 2 more to come for our middle one. Sewing swimsuits is just so satisfying. The fit is so much better than the... Continue Reading →

Raglan meets dolman sweater

I love asymmetrical clothing. It might actually be the reason why I love to sew, to create asymmetrical pieces of clothing. When I see an asymmetrical sewing pattern I just have to buy it. When I saw the Miss Heron sweater from Sofiona Designs with the asymmetrical option, I loved it right away. And even... Continue Reading →

Stripes all the way

Another new sweater for myself. My wardrobe is growing this year, which is great! And these 2 sweater are going to be favourites! I wore both of them last week and they are perfect for our fall weather. Meet the Miss Birch Sweater from Sofiona Designs. The Miss Birch sweater is a colour blocked "batwing"... Continue Reading →

Linen summer dress with pleats

Just before my holiday I sewed up this Miss Haze top and dress from Sofiona Designs. It is just such a lovely summer dress, flowy, light and with beautiful details. It is not a quick sew but I learned a lot during this test. First I will show you the dress with pleats at the... Continue Reading →

Make-up remover set

Sofiona Designs just released the Cloudberry collection, a new set which includes a washing bag, a storage basket and remover pads. This make-up remover set is perfect as a gift or to just keep for yourself. You can buy the pattern, or if you subscribe to the newsletter (of have subscribed to the newsletter in... Continue Reading →

My first athletic tights

I sewed my first athletic tights! I love the look of all those amazing designs, but I never dared to sew one. I was afraid they it would be hard to sew and wouldn't stay up during running. With the call for Miss Tamarack tights from Sofiona Designs I took the chance. I have been... Continue Reading →

Rib Jacket for me

I knew when I was sewing the Rose hip Jacket for our daughter I wanted one as well. Once I heard about the Miss Rose hip Jacket from Sofiona Designs I started looking for fabric to make my perfect jacket. Since this is the third garment (with this Clover sweater and this Rose hip jacket)... Continue Reading →

Velvet Sofiona outfit

This month I was inspired to create an outfit in velvet. I must admit, velvet isn't really something that I often use. Last year when I created this sweater in stretch velvet it started to grow on me and I knew our girl would love a velvet outfit. It took some time to find the... Continue Reading →

Tide dress

Ok, summer is basically over here in the Netherlands, nevertheless, I totally forgot to share the tide dress that I made for our eldest. It reminds me of summer and makes me wish we still had some summer left. Last year I made this tide halter top from Sofiona Designs. During testing, my first version... Continue Reading →

Cropped woven jacket

Remember this hoodie, with those fun colour blocking lines? There is a new sister in town, it is the Rose Hip Jacket from Sofiona Designs, a cropped jacked for woven fabrics. It has the same colour blocking options as the Clover hoodie as well as the zippered sleeve pocket. Additionally, it has optional welt pockets... Continue Reading →

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